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Screen telecommunications company is constantly working to improve the quality of services provided and to increase them. Send your feedback, suggestions and comments because your opinion is of great importance for the development of our company. By filling in a feedback form, you can help us with this.

It will be very useful for us to listen to your wishes, objective and constructive criticism. We will try to take them into account in our future work.

If you are satisfied with our activity, it will be a pleasure to hear from you good words about Screen Company - it will be a good incentive for improvement and increase of our services.

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Support for subscribers

For technical support, please contact your localities:


Krive Lake village: 

Kyivstar logo 14  067 289-75-25
Kyivstar logo 14  068 746-83-03


village Vradiyivka,  s. Gray

Kyivstar logo 14  068 035-07-49
Kyivstar logo 14  068 691-12-91
Kyivstar logo 14  096 916-85-18


village Adamovka, village Govtnevoe

Kyivstar logo 14   068-035-07-49


Email: infogigabait@gmail.com


Technical Support Numbers:
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